About John

Photo of me probably around 1982 with 
my original Nikon F and my 
psychedelic camera strap! :-)


I've been "taking pictures" since I was a teenager, probably before that. My father taught me the ropes as it was a hobby of his, mostly taking pictures and movies of cars and races as well as the kids. My first camera was his original Nikon F film camera (Way before digital was even a thought). Taking mostly slides I loved taking pictures and making slide shows. I eventually went on to taking photography classes in high school and taking photos for the yearbook and school newspaper. I then went on to college where I majored in Film, Radio and TV. I didn't graduate back then, but upon returning to school as an adult for business, I used my elective credits for photography related classes as well. 


John is now focusing more on his art like landscapes, nature, wildlife, and travel photography as well as art projects. He sometimes does portrait work if the work is "different". His style of portraits sets him apart preferring to incorporate his love of landscape and art into the portraits he does. 

You can find John's nature and art photos to purchase on his gallery website. To hire John for portraits or other work, please contact him.
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